Counselor JJS

Location: Brooksville, Fl
Date Posted: 09-29-2017
      I.     Position Concept:
            This direct care position supervises a group of 7-10 youth through activities during their waking hours.  While unobtrusively providing external controls necessary to ensure safety and security, Counselors guide and teach youth the internal controls needed to live responsibly when and where external controls are relaxed.  The successful Counselor will alternately adopt and blend the roles of educator, activity therapist, and group leader during a typical working day, and will regularly demonstrate, through consistent behavior, a belief that under the right guidance, youth are the best architects and instruments of their own change. Pay is $ 10.45/hour, minimum age is 21 years old, bonus after 6months. Exceptional employee benefits;  healthcare, vision, dental, PTO are provided.
  1. Essential Functions:   
  • Supervise the activities of a group of youths, maintaining knowledge of the whereabouts of all group members.  Comply with published procedures on movement, physical security, contraband, head counts, and reporting. 
  • Provide a safe, secure environment through the use of group counseling techniques, individual relationships, “positive discipline” techniques, and the use of crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques as needed. 
  • Represent each youth’s problems, needs, and accomplishments to the treatment team, or provides progress reports to the counselor representative on the treatment team. 
  • Call and/or conduct “huddle-ups”, problem solving group meetings, and daily reviews with the assigned group of youths, providing prompts and interventions to ensure that youth are helping each other and are recognized for their efforts. 
  • Assist classroom teachers in the delivery of subject matter and transfer of class content and study practices to the living units.                          
  • Assist and promote activity planning and completion by the assigned group of youths.  Ensure that planning, doing, and evaluating are part of the daily routing for each group, and that activities or opportunities for individual recognition are created and used to treatment advantage. 
  • Document daily shift occurrences and frequent population counts as required by local and corporate policy.  Make referrals for special needs or medical evaluation, and brief oncoming shifts on events of the past shift.
III.    Other Duties Include, But Not Limited To: 
  •    Participate in training and development activities as required. 
  •    Report any acts, incidents or conditions that reflect the possibility of inappropriate youth-to-youth or staff-to-youth relationships. 
  •    Report any use of physical force and all unusual incidents per EYA policy and state guidelines. 
  •    Perform other duties as assigned. 
  •     May oversee in the self administration of medications required by youth in care pursuant to EYA policy on Medication Administration and appropriate training. 
    Other – Must maintain an appropriate and valid state driver's license. Must meet state and criminal background check requirements 
  1. Education & Experience: 
  2. Education – Two years of college coursework in social or human service field required.  High school diploma or equivalent may substitute for coursework requirement if the incumbent has two years experience working with youth. 
  3. Experience – For incumbents with a high school diploma or equivalent, two years work experience working with youth required 
  4. Skills – Verbal skills to relate effectively with youth on an adult level, without patronizing, are required.  Group counseling and leadership skills are required.  Good analytical skills and the ability to distinguish between cause and effect and opinion and fact are also required, as is the capacity to think and act independently.  Certification in First Aid, CPR, and appropriate crisis intervention methods must be obtained during the probationary period.   Proficiency in group work must be demonstrated during probationary period and remaining employment with EYA. Must be able to provide accurate, objective written documentation of shift events and unusual incidents. 
  5. Physical Demands – Must be able to lift 30 pounds from floor level to shoulder height.  Extensive walking and standing required.  Must be capable of detecting and rapidly responding to client altercations, attempts at self-harm, or escape attempts, and must be able to apply approved physical restraint techniques.  Must be capable of participating with clients in active and passive team or individual activities in outdoor or indoor environments, occasionally during inclement weather.  Must be capable of transporting a client.  Must be free of communicable diseases as defined by the state and to the extent that such knowledge is attainable under the law. 
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