Business Development Manager

Location: Derwood, Maryland
Date Posted: 09-14-2017
Job Title: Business Development Manager
Location: Rockville, Maryland
Seniority Level: Associate-to-Mid-Senior
Industry: Marketing & Advertising, Staffing & Recruiting
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Functions: Sales, Business Development, Strategy/Planning, Customer Service, Marketing 
Company Summary:
We are a start-up in Day One stages and with bold plans. Backed by a board of investors, this new company aims to help facilitate international student exchanges across many work fields. By sponsoring international university and recent graduates to intern around the world, we are poised to be a one-stop-shop for substantive work placement experiences and the legal means to achieve these goals worldwide.
Job Summary:
The Business Development Manager (A.K.A. Host Company Partner Manager) formulates strategy and plan of action to approach prospective companies. These businesses will host incoming students as interns. This position will develop pitch materials, scout firms, and perform “deep dive” searches. He/she seeks out and wins over a company to host our students.
Job Description:
Consider it high-level cold-calling. It’s the thrill of the chase to win over a company and maintain that relationship that excites you. You’ll receive a set list of work fields within the Metro D.C. and NYC area to help focus your search. Then, you’re off to pitch, meet with, and win over businesses (likely ones the size of 10-150 employees) to receive talented, top-quality international students for short and long-term work experience. Maintaining a database of companies in an assigned city is crucial to long-term relationship development.
This position will travel 1 week a month to New York City, and frequent trips in and around Washington, D.C. (Metro accessible locations).
Job Responsibilities:
You are a self-motivated, customer-obsessed seeker of high-quality life experiences. Whew! Reporting to the company’s director and with his support, you are the driving force in company partnership engagement. You are passionate about international travel and cultures. You want to enter at ground-level of a business and help it grow from nothing to something. You are currently reading a business book on recruiting/selling/winning over a customer/maintaining relationships.
Your initial task is to understand our services, clients, and competitors. Next, begin researching companies meeting our criteria in Metro D.C. and NYC. Third, formulate your approach to these prospects. And finally, meet with and win over your prospects, maintaining a contact database and staying on their minds for when the prospective interns apply.
Personal Skills Needed
  • Passion to get a service heard, seen, loved, and attract dedicated fans
  • Professional look and demeanor; ability to read the needs of someone and get to a business’s final decision maker
  • Ability to be nice while being direct
  • Realization this is ground-level start-up mode; long hours in a creative environment where your voice will definitely have weight
  • Be available and have “all hands on deck” attitude in April and May
  • Ability to take a joke, and give one
  • Have hustle; never be complacent
Business Skills Needed
  • Demonstrate creativity and judgement to develop solutions
  • Self-motivated and eager to meet in person a dozen new people a week in a business setting
  • Intuition for the customer (a business or organization seeking (or has yet to know they need but would highly benefit from) an international student as an intern
  • Excellent command of the written and spoken English language
  • Know it’s less about “clocking in” and more about accomplishing goals
              Technical Skills Needed
  • 2+ years’ experience using Microsoft Enterprise or Salesforce
  • Successful track record and ability to work with and understand a marketing department’s goals and restraints, and a sales team’s pressure to sell. Please statistically show how you recruited under these constraints.
              Basic (Minimal) Qualifications
  • Undergraduate degree
  • 2+ years in staffing/recruiting/new business development
  • Studied and/or interned/work experience abroad
  • Understanding of a variety of industries
  • A cadre of business contacts in the Metro DC area and New York City a plus
What We Offer You:
  • A well-funded start-up environment in which to experiment
  • Tools and resources to help you achieve your department (and professional) goals
  • Competitive salary and bonuses
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Life insurance and 401k
  • PTO (3 weeks yearly) and paid holidays
  • Office space, computer, software and computer tools you need to succeed
  • Complimentary Uber rides from Shady Grove Metro to office
How to Apply:
  1. Send your resume/CV showing how you match/exceed this job description’s requirement
  2. Include a link to a 60-second video recording of yourself (cell phone quality is fine, we promise!) sharing what you’re passionate about and/or a recent book you read and what you got out of it
  3. In your 60-second video, share briefly how you would recruit a company (size 50-150 employees) to take on an international university student as an intern for 2-6 months. Specifically, what’s your approach in searching for a company, communicating with them, and partnering to receive such an applicant?
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