Youth Counselor

Location: Boomer, NC
Date Posted: 10-17-2017
Position Concept: 

 A positive, supportive role model for both Youth Counselor and clients; position guides and influences group activities on a consistent basis that enhances the youth's confidence and self-esteem. Youth Counselor ensure the progress and welfare of each client and the group through therapeutic and educational programs.  Responsible for staff secure supervision during the mornings and evenings.  Responsible for delivering the Botvin LifeSkills® training curricula to clients. Pay is $ 12.33/hour, housing is provided, relocation is provided and there is a bonus after 6 months of employment.  Must be 21 years old or older, Exceptional employee benefits;  healthcare, vision, dental, PTO are provided.       

Essential Functions:   
  • Responsible for the overall supervision of clients to ensure the safety and security of all youth and staff.  This supervision may include shift work. 
  • Leadership and mentoring role amongst direct care staff in delivery of program and educational activities. 
  • Train direct care staff as designated by the Director of Programming on program delivery including implementation of evidenced based practices such as Botvin LifeSkills®, Forward Thinking curriculum and restorative justice. 
  • Contribute to the educational development of clients; duties include, but not limited to teaching, tutoring, instructing, or lecturing to impart knowledge on variety of subjects and activities at program. 
  • Lead group of youth through a variety of daily activities while providing group and individual counseling, with an emphasis on strength-based development; Maintain a high standard of successful role modeling for youth that reflects enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility and activities that are educational and engaging. 
  • Support the educational staff while youth attend the on-site school each day.  Monitor youth behavior and ensure environment is conducive to learning. 
  • Deliver the Botvin LifeSkills® training curricula as designated by the Director of Programming. 
  • Implement the Change curriculum with youth employing interactive journaling to encourages youth to internalize or “try on” new knowledge. 
  • Involve the youth group in developing total plans and activities for each individual and the group. Ensure balanced activities for all levels of involvement of youth based on capabilities. 
  • Ensure successful development of the youth through rational living cognitive behavioral therapy to help youth define their life goals and then help them achieve those goals - pointing out thinking errors and faulty cognitions along the way. 
  • Provide feedback, growth experiences, and recognition for youth to enhance confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Develop and participate in planned trips and activities as required to ensure progress of the youth. 
  • Participate in staffing meetings with Group Managers, Director of Programming, Educational Administrator and others. 
  • Submit written evaluations as scheduled on all individuals and groups ensuring documentation and communication is shared at all levels of program involvement. 
  • Implement individual service plans as specified by primary staffing teams. 
  • Demonstrate both sensitivity and responsiveness to the cultural differences within the client population. 
  • May oversee in the self administration of medications required by youth in care pursuant to company policy on Medication Administration and appropriate training.Participate in training and development activities as required. 
  • Willingness to participate as a team member in all activities for overall program’s success. 
  • Maintain living area and equipment. 
  • Report any acts, incidents or conditions that reflect the possibility of inappropriate youth-to-youth or staff-to-youth relationships. 
  • Report any use of physical force and all unusual incidents per company policy and state guidelines. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Position Specifications: 
Education – Bachelor’s degree, from an accredited College or University, in social or human service field or outdoor recreation specialties required.  Will be required to obtain certification as a certified cognitive behavioral group facilitator within one year of employment. 
Experience – Minimum of one year of experience in direct child care in a therapeutic/rehabilitative setting required.  Experience in outdoor recreation preferred. 
Skills – Group leadership, communication, self-motivated, level headed, objective, flexible.  Knowledge of group dynamics and experiential education preferred.  Ability to complete job-related training and have satisfactory evaluation at conclusion of 90 day probationary period. 
Physical Demands – Ability to travel about property, through wilderness terrain.  Must be able to pass evaluation of crisis intervention/physical restraint techniques and written certification exam, and use approved techniques as needed.  Must be able to participate in aquatic activities.  Ability to stand, sit or walk for extended periods of time.  Constant exposure to outdoors and/or weather conditions.  Must have near and far visual acuity, any deficiencies of which must be able to be mitigated with corrective lenses.  Responsible for the overall supervision and safety of clients.  Supervision may include shift work.  Ability to frequently lift/move up to 25 pounds.  Ability to transport clients and staff.  Must be free of communicable diseases as defined by the appropriate state and to the extent that data is attainable under federal law. 

Other – Must meet state criminal background check requirements. 
Travel - Must be able to meet requirements for Company Auto Insurance and be able to drive for business purposes.  Valid and appropriate driver’s license or state identification is required.   Position may require incumbent to drive.  Employee must obtain valid driver’s license or state identification in the state in which they are employed within 90 days of hire.
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